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Having built armies of followers through social media channels in recent years, 2011 will be characterised by the commercial management of these fans through ecommerce functionality.

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As has been highlighted in the first part of this appraisal, brands, having rapidly amassed significant armies of followers during 2010 are recognising that the original broadcast model that they employed through social media channels, and acquisition based strategies whilst having served an invaluable service, are only the first step in an engaging social media strategy ไฮไลท์บอลย้อนหลัง.

Having taken on board these learnings and in the most pioneering cases established two-way communication models to millions of followers, the next logical step for brands is to ensure that they are reaping the commercial benefits. This does not mean taking advantage of consumers but simply providing consumers with what they expect. Outside of social networks, ecommerce functionality has lived on brand websites for some time, so it is only logical that brands will look to incorporate this functionality into their social networks; platforms where customers are engaging directly with the brand, sharing thoughts, comments, ideas and suggestions with friends. It really is a no brainer. And the consumers will be thankful.

With 2010 being characterised by the widespread establishment of brand presences on social networks and the rapid accumulation of fans, existing in a two-way communication model with the brand owner, 2011 is sure to bring the equally rapid provision of ecommerce functionality so that brands and consumers can really experience the natural evolution of social media.

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