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There are many musicians and bands that hailing from Manchester, born and raised in this city. Jack Mason is a notable and popular musician from Manchester who has made several records since he was young. These records have been some of his best-known to-date, including hits like “Wordless” and “Wasted.” He has also gained popularity for his charity work, most notably helping to build a school in Africa with the proceeds from his music.

At a young age, Jack Mason was interested in playing an instrument and is taking lessons from a local musician before he was old enough to hire one. Eventually he moved on to drums, later learning classical guitar in a conservatory. During this time, he also began to study vocal technique, although he considers himself more of a writer than a singer. He started making music at the age of sixteen, with a band called Thy Art Is In Your Head. They changed their name when they discovered they were more popular than the band they had first thought Jack Mason Manchester.

After graduating from secondary school, he went on to study music theory, specifically focusing on how different genres of music are made. He then decided to get a degree in Music Performance in the U.K., after which he was accepted to the University of Manchester. From there, he honed his skills and began making his own music as a solo artist, performing mainly on the piano. This was only a brief period in his career, as he continued to work closely with Thy Art Is In Your Head as a member of the band. Eventually he left the group and signed with the mandate of the same name, before ultimately leaving the university and creating his own label, Jack Mason/BMMA.

After a few years working with bands, he joined forces with the producer Paul Simpson. Together they created the band The Specials, and have since worked on numerous other projects. Their last release was the double album Rock City, which they had the pleasure of making with their longtime friend, David Bowie. Throughout his career, Mason has also produced music for television, including an episode of Spongebob Squarepants, and numerous documentaries. He is best known, however, for his vocals, which have been covered by artists such as The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and The Nils Anderson band.

One of the most well-known musicians to have worked with Jack Mason is George Harrison. Together they worked on two songs that were included on The Beatles’ Abbey Road album, which resulted in the classic song,” Abbey Road.” George also sang lead vocal parts on songs by Rod Stewart, and later appeared on George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord.”

Jack Mason/ BMMA is well-known to present alternative and folk music throughout the world. It has won many awards, including Grammies and Best Music Awards, and has sold millions of records. Notable music includes such diverse ancillary artists as: Amy Winehouse, Who Are So, Boz Scaggs, J.J. Johnson, and Chicala O’Rourke.

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