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Investment policy of Chinese people has own peculiarities. They are connected with their philosophy of life, mentality and specific vision of business. Understanding of these peculiarities is one of the most important factors, which increase chances to attract investment. In such way, the main task of professional manager from Europe or Russia should be to understand, how Chinese investors make decision about investment and what they find attractive in project according to his cultural vision and business doctrine.

Investing in China: An Opportunity Too Big To Ignore

It is important to know that, the main idea of Chinese doctrine is improving of economical development of own country. This can be illustrated with a range of examples. For instance, those Chinese, who went to the USA and set own business or made scientific researches there, in any case, brought investment to China. In majority of cases, China used such companies, in order to build a net of conglomerates, in other words, trade and financial streams, which were formed due to Chinese top managers and company owners. Moreover, many of those Chinese, who founded enterprises with Chinese Diaspora abroad, came back to China and continued to work with aim of national prosperity China’s silk road economic belt.

Taking into consideration described above peculiarity of Chinese business policy, it is understandable, that any project, which is proposed to potential Chinese investors, will not be invested in majority of cases, if it is directed on development of Russian economy or certain company business. Thus, representing any project to partner-investors from China, experienced manager should know, that its strategic connection with Chinese business is a necessity and a key factor in receiving of positive answer.

In order to obtain investment from China, it is recommended to increase attractiveness of your project due to including and highlighting in it such points as possible use of Chinese production facilities, for example, equipment or products, during the realization of the project. In addition, Chinese investors could be attracted, if your project supposes promotion also to China. Although it may only seams, that products from China are oriented only for foreign markets and produced for other countries of the world, the contemporary policy of China is a creation of consumption economy. The quickest growing economy of China can lead to growth of the middle class of population in general part of this grate country, what is happening at the moment in big cities. As a result, there will be much more consumers than in any other point of the world. In such way, planned or potential promotion of goods in China will add value to your project and improve chances to receive necessary investment, as it is correspond to Chinese general strategy.

To conclude, one of the most essential points should be noted, that success of investment attraction from China for the project depends on level of satisfaction of needs of investors, conformity with their business vision and mentality. Developing project, it is recommended to bear in mind particularities of Chinese business doctrine and note in project points, which could satisfy Chinese needs and preference–input to economy development of China. Such points should become strong sides of your project and should be accentuated during negotiation and presentation of project.

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