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I’ve seen a lot of ads lately for Bendaroos. What you might ask is a Bendaroo? Well, glad you asked. They are basically colored pipe cleaners. Not plumbing pipe cleaners but the kind you clean smoking pipes out with, like your Granddad smoked. Anyway they are bendable, wax covered pieces of yarn, that kids are going nuts over. Children take and bend these strings into different shapes and make figures out of them. After their done playing with them, they can be stored and used over and over again. Unique Wooden Pipe Wooden Tobacco Pipe Dragon Wooden Smoking  Pipes Wooden Carved Pipe Wood Pipes Wood Carving Art Women's Pipe Vintage  Wooden Pipes: Handmade

If you have children, then you’ve probably seen the commercials. Kids love spending hours bending these “pipe cleaners” into every shape and configuration their little minds can imagine. I can remember playing with my Dad’s pipe cleaners when I was little (and that’s been 40 some odd years ago). I read where school teachers are using them for different activities such as making letter templates and having the students bend the strings around the shape of the letters. While others are having the kids bend them around pictures of the respiratory system, such as the heart unique smoking pipes.

They come in rainbow colors too. You get 250 neon and 250 rainbow pieces in each order so your kids can literally make dozens of unique art works. The price runs around $20.00 plus shipping and handling if you order them online. Not bad if it helps stimulate your child’s imagination and keeps them busy for a while (so you don’t have to). Plus if you order now you’ll also get 10 traceable templates and an all new fun guide. They always hold their shape and best of all, no glue, no stains, and no mess. Shape ’em, wrap ’em, and stick ’em for hours of fun.

After reading so many good reviews about Bendaroos, I think I’ll go out and buy some and see if I can stir up some of my imaginative juices for a change. I might even let my 3 Grandkids play with them, too.

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