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The purpose of this article is to discuss the pros and cons of Brexit. The United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union because the citizens were afraid of losing their own culture and sovereignty. There are no complete wrongs or rights in this issue. Regardless of whether one voted yes or no, he or she had some truth in what he voted because there are undoubtedly pros and cons both for remaining in Great Britain and for leaving the European Union. As one who has studied some of British law, I can understand that UK citizens are concerned about losing their legal rights. In fact, there’s no doubt that having smaller Nations positioned across the globe can benefit everyone as a whole because if one does not agree with one’s own country, he or she has the option to travel across borders and to live in another country where he or she feels the government is more similar to his or her own values.

World reacts to UK-EU post-Brexit trade deal | Brexit News | Al Jazeera

First of all, it is essential to understand the minds of the British people. It is clear that these people rightfully wish to preserve their own culture and their sovereignty as a nation. Foreigners have been driving up the house prices in the UK because many wealthy foreigners have been moving to Great Britain. Furthermore, refugees have been moving into apartments and filling them up with many more people than is the norm, so this is of great concern to British citizens brexit millionaire reviews. Most recently the Brits have observed incidences of terrorism in France, in Belgium, and even in the United States. For this reason, these people fear that immigrants who have entered into the European Union, from mostly southern countries, will move their way northward and try to strike Great Britain as they have struck other countries through some limited terrorism. Of course, many people will say this idea is silly, but the British people do have the right to fear that others will come and challenge their legal system, that they will even try to ruin to enforce their own laws.

When many people are fearful, there is usually a good reason for their fear. Therefore, Europe was remiss in refusing to address the fears of the English people. Perhaps, Europe could have been done more to calm the people in England. Perhaps, the Europeans could have taken British laws into more consideration.

On the other hand, there are many young Britons who were born during the existence of the European Union, who consider themselves to be Europeans even more than British citizens. If they will act upon this possibility, there still might be a way to remain in the European Union (should British people be sorry for having voted to leave). I think the most effective option would be to consider the opinions of the Scottish people and of those who live in Northern Ireland. Perhaps, the people in Scotland, in particular, could object to the vote to leave the EU because the majority of Scottish people wanted to remain in the EU, and they were unaware at the time of their vote to stay in the UK that Great Britain might decide to leave the EU. Perhaps, if the Scottish people will go to the table and file a complaint in Great Britain and at the EU, their voices will still count, and then the Brexit vote that has been cast in Great Britain can still be overturned.

No Doubt, the decision by the majority of the British people to leave the EU points to major problems in the EU that should not be the neglected. How will the European Union support so many immigrants? What can be done to decrease immigration? I think it is time for everyone to remain calm and to consider the various reasons why a country like the UK decided that it needed to leave the European Union. What can be done to resolve this situation? There need to be more jobs for young people in Europe, and education needs to become a priority available for all people at a fair price. European society must not be based on family ties. At this point, it seems like those who will be successful in the future in Europe are those who already are successful based on family ties rather than meritocracy. Meanwhile, nepotism causes many intelligent Europeans to flee from Europe to the United States, to Canada, or to Australia and New Zealand where they feel that at least they have an equal chance on the playing field. The best European minds are leaving their homes and families in hopes of being able to make a valuable contribution to society elsewhere. Europe needs to brainstorm as to how it will provide more opportunities for young people in the future so that they can joyously contribute to society and feel proud of their own contributions. It is not too late for England should the Brits decide to remain in the European Union, but should they decide to exit, everyone must evaluate what needs to be done to make life better on this wonderful European continent. All must ponder the Nex-It, a wise move for Europe’s success.

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