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I am an EverQuest fanatic myself and have purchased many EQ plats from a variety of stores. I have seen over 50 different sellers of EQ platinum. Some have gone out of business, some were shut down and some were never in business, was just plain scams to steal your plats, items and your entire account. Many sellers set up fake eBay accounts, stolen identities to create paypals and websites that fishes for your account and password. How can you identify if someone is a real legitimate seller or another scammer?

If you’re planning on buying from ebay, I would strongly look over all the sellers eBay auctions to see if he’s a personal seller or a business with tons of EQ plat for sale. I would usually only trust an ebayer if they have 1000 feedback or more with 98% positive feedbacks or more. Sometimes even though new ebayers may have good feedback, they may not be aware of scams from others trying to steal their account and use it for selfish deeds. If an eBay has had their account stolen they can use it to make fake sales.

Many people today run into crisis with their identity being stolen. All it takes is just one photo I.D. and their social security and there goes their whole entire life. A scammer can easily use that information to setup a paypal account and all funds received will be transferred to a non legitimate paypal account

First off, if you’re a user from the United States or some of the other approved countries that paypal has approved of, using paypal is probably going to be a breeze. I have not had the privilege of using paypal as a US resident (quite obviously) so, I cannot give you a review on using paypal as one! But as an International merchant using paypal, this is what I have to say – YOU MAY NEVER GET TO SEE YOUR MONEY AT ALL Buy Verified PayPal Account!

. The scammer would then be able to withdraw all the money using paypals debit card feature. When buying EQ plat through paypal, make sure the seller has a reputation score of at least 1000 verified transactions. You are also able to see how long the paypal account has been created, the longer the better and safer it will be.

Many scammers have setup fishing sites. They are used for stealing accounts and password. Hack sites, cheats and of such that requires you to download softwares for the games often contains viruses that enables logging of all activities you are doing on your computer. With this the scammer is then able to easily log into your Everquest account, take all your valuable assets and use it for themselves. In some cases they may even sell your account and scam another player. When downloading anything I strongly suggest a good virus scanner or trojan scanner. Play safe and enjoy EverQuest while the game lasts.

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