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Caribou Facebook pages are getting a lot of attention in North America. The last two months has seen hundreds upon thousands of people joining Facebook to join the “new” Caribou fans in North America. However, it is unclear what these people are seeing. Is it just a marketing stunt? How many of these people really are interested in buying new merchandise or can they actually benefit from joining this group? This article will explore the possibility that these Facebook fans are comprised of actual interested in buying real merchandise and how this could help the retail industry in Canada.

The first question we need to answer is; why have so many people become interested in this page? The answer is simple, it seems to be the perfect place to promote your retail business. Many Caribou fans seem to fall under the idea that like really cool Caribou fans they want to see the product for sale right away and therefore become buyers. In some cases this is true but most often it is not. As a result of this lack of interest in buying the merchandise being promoted on the page most businesses are bypassing this page and go straight to their main website to promote themselves.

So why is it important to go straight to your store’s main website when you want to promote yourself or sell your products? First off the main reason is efficiency. A person who likes a Facebook fan page may visit your retail site just for that fan page alone without ever noticing the actual product. If you don’t go directly to your website, you will lose potential customers that are simply searching for the same thing that the Facebook fan likes.

One of the more interesting theories about the origin of the Caribou Facebook page is that it may be a viral marketing campaign. This theory says that the people creating the page wanted to make it popular so they created a fan page and asked all of their friends to join. Then, when those friends saw how popular the page was they promoted it for their own group of friends and now the fans of the caribou had a new chance to get involved with retail. Of course, the marketing could also be that they are trying to gain exposure for their new retail business.

The caribou fan page has now spread to more than half of Canada’s population, although it is not as large as Facebook or MySpace. One can only imagine how big it will be in the future. In addition, because it is so popular many individuals and businesses have taken it upon themselves to create their own versions of the caribou t-shirt. Now, instead of having to order them online or make them in house many retail locations are selling their own custom t-shirts designed with the logo and other details that have been created by the caribou’s fan club.

While it is hard to find a true face behind the curtain of the caribou t-shirt phenomenon it is not impossible. A person may have created the original design for the t-shirt, re-styled it and then sell it online or in some cases direct from the manufacturer. A more unlikely but possible scenario is that the original designer is no longer involved in the retail side of things and simply uses their creation as a promotional tool for their company. Regardless of how it all comes about it is a huge deal for the caribou fan base all over the world. The brand value and recognition alone are quite astounding and hopefully it continues to grow like crazy.

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