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There is an overwhelming amount of cat supplies on the market. When you bring home your kitty for the first time, you want to make sure he has everything he needs. Trying to determine which of the thousands of products you truly need, can be a task. While shopping in your local pet store, you can get lost in the isles of the many needed and unneeded cat supplies that fill the shelves.

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You should not need to purchase much for your cat, he is pretty self sufficient for the most part. There may be purchases that you want to buy for him, but the list of needed items is pretty short.

What Does Kitty Need?

Of course you will need to purchase cat food. You can find cat food in the dry form or the wet form. In most cases, if you have started feeding your cat dry food, it will become their preference. You will need dishes to put the food and water in, any type bowls will work Best cat supplies.

Treats are not needed, but may be wanted for your kitty. Having special treats around for kitty is a good idea for rewards and just to let him know you care.

Your cat really does not require grooming; he will do most of it himself. You can purchase brushes, bath wipes, and even cat shampoo, but they are not needed. You will not give your cat a bath, unless he gets in to something that makes it necessary. There are clippers for his nails for purchase, but you should not attempt this. The over abundance of cat supplies related to grooming can be ridiculous, as cats groom themselves.

There is little training required for your cat. House training only requires a few cat supplies, such as: litter box, litter, and a scoop. Simply by placing the litter box in an area of privacy and showing the cat where it is is usually enough to house train him. There are training pads available for purchase as well, if your kitty needs a little more motivation to use the litter box.

You need to keep your cat entertained and the cat supplies are limitless for this task. There are many toys you can purchase that can be interactive between you and the kitty or that can be used on his own. Little plastic balls with bells in them can keep your cat occupied for hours. The toys section is all geared towards keeping your cat healthy and happy.

A bored cat can lead to a ransacked house, your kitty needs exercise, and chasing a ball or throwing a stuffed mouse in the air will allow him the exercise he needs. Your cat is a hunter by nature and will enjoy having a cat house to play in; he can hide and then plan his attack on your feet as you walk by. You kitty will spend hours working his claws out on a scratching post, and this would be better than on your sofa. When looking at all the cat supplies, choose the ones that are best suited for your kitty, keep him happy and healthy and stimulated for play.

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