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Many people believe that Chinese astrology can help them predict the future. The truth is that this is based on the Lunar Calendar. However, astrologers have adapted this method for use in western astrology. The Chinese astrology system divides the year into four seasons. This method of dividing time is adopted from the ancient lunar cycles.

In Chinese astrology, the Chinese zodiac animals are categorized according to how well they serve the individual’s needs. The animals are classified according to their colors, their location in the heavens, their ruling planets and the character of each of these planets. There are then specific animals which are used for more than one position in the zodiac. For example, there are five birds that appear in the zodiac with each bird having two wings. All five of the birds signify something different and the meaning of the animals varies.

To explain the Chinese Astrology system, we will take a look at the different parts of the Chinese lunar calendar. The Chinese calendar is divided into four seasons. This system is based on the time cycle of the moon. This cycle is called the lunar cycle, which is 365 days in a year. Based on this cycle, the Chinese astrological animal designs are assigned to each of the four seasons.

Chinese astrology is based on the elements. These elements include metal, wood, fire and water along with earth, wind and air. Based on this color scheme, the Chinese astrology zodiac animals are assigned to various periods in the lunar calendar. These animals include the dragon, snake, horse, monkey, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, monkey, goat, rooster and the horse. There are twenty-eight characters in the Chinese zodiac that are related to the four pillars of the Chinese astrology.

The Chinese astrology system works with the element of earth and is usually called “ti”. This type of astrology is used to determine the direction of the earth and the location on the earth’s surface. It is believed by the Chinese that all things in nature are connected with the earth and they all hold a significance. Therefore, Chinese astrology is also considered an important part of the Chinese culture.

The Chinese believe that there are eighty-six elements in nature including the earth, water, fire, wood, air, metal and the energy that surround it. All of these elements have their own characteristics and effects. In the Chinese astrology, the animal signs are considered to be different aspects of the yin-yang theory. The animal signs such as the dragon and snake signify the yin qualities of the material world and the wood element represent the yang qualities of the earth.

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