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Anyone thinking of putting their boots on and embarking on a gardening project needs first to consider the type of garden they will be constructing. There are literally hundreds of choices, and the while it is often difficult to pick out just one, a good start would be to narrow down the list under consideration. Narrowing down the choices and giving your garden some focus will make the entire experience easier and more pleasurable, both for you and for your plants. The more similar the plants you have in your garden, the easier they will be to maintain, and the more likely the garden will ‘just work’ as a complete unit. To that regard, this article will give you some garden ideas to start you going.

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One of the things most people look for in a garden is something that will be visually appealing. Anyone with such desires would do well to look at flower gardens. The best type of flower gardens will have a lot of perennial flowers. These are flowers that remain both healthy, and in bloom all year round. You will find that these ‘flowers’, with their hardness and resilience, are basically weeds, but great looking ones. The exact plants that can be perennials in your garden will depend on your location and climate. A good place to start is with a few internet searches, which should provide you with a list of plants and flowers that will do well in your location, and ensure a lively garden all year. Another benefit of such plants is that they are often low maintenance, requiring only planting and tending until they take root. After that, they generally thrive, without additional effort on your part.

A popular choice of garden, especially for those individuals already handy in the kitchen, is a vegetable garden. Unlike the perennial flower gardens, these gardens do tend to be more seasonal, and will require more effort in planning and tending. That said, they can feel more rewarding once you start gracing your dining table with produce from your own garden. Gardeners in pretty much every climate can find enough varieties of vegetables to ensure a thriving garden through all the seasons. A vegetable garden will invariably be a continual work-in-progress, and so it is not uncommon to only have part of your garden cultivated at any point in time. It must be stressed that it is not necessary to spend every waking moment working on your vegetable garden to ensure that it looks just right. It is far more important to have healthy produce than a good looking garden. That said, a well tended vegetable garden will be both pleasing to the eye, and provide valuable additions to the dinner table.

Another choice of garden is the fruit garden. Fruit gardens can be more difficult to maintain for many reasons. Firstly, fruit trees are a longer term investment, requiring a lot of time between the initial planning and the production of trees. As the trees mature, they tend to be more difficult to move or remove. Therefore, you need more initial planning to ensure that you have the right trees both for your tastes, as well as for your soil type and climate. As they grow and flower, fruit trees can attract flies, and other pests, so will need treating with the right pesticides. This might require additional equipment investment. Without the correct maintenance, including fertilizer supplements, the plants will not produce fruit, defeating the very purpose of having them in the garden. That said, choosing the right plants, and correctly setting up your garden, can provide you with healthy fruit trees without significant maintenance requirement once they have grown beyond a couple of years.

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