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In the world of non-linear editing, and computer based visual effects, content delivery systems are becoming a major staple of the creative industry. Where as a decade ago, pencils and magnetic strips were the basic elements needed to start a creative venture, these days it all happens in the digital world of binary numbers.

The benefits to the major changes in the industry are countless. But one of the most fascinating factors of this change is the ability to transfer data and content immediately and practically anywhere. The web that has engulfed our daily lives is also leveling the playing field. The cost of making high quality content has dropped significantly. And so with the ability to shoot, edit and do some post production graphic work all in a personal computer, what is left to do are two things:

First make quality content. It’s one thing to have it look good. It’s a completely different story to actually come up with high quality content that people would want to view digital cinema.

Second, make sure you take care of the small details. Digital delivery is becoming a major factor. As files become larger, they cannot go through the regular internet channels (try to send a 15 minute HD video with your regular email account and you’ll see that it simply cannot hold it). So it’s up to the content creator to find a good solution for a secure file transfer. This is often surprisingly an overlooked phase of post production for many people. The creators devote time (and money) to make the perfect content. They meticulously discuss and analyze every small detail of the content itself, and are left speechless when they are stuck with no way to actually transfer the digital files themselves.

Finding good service providers in a production is more than half of the battle. Professional people are what makes a production work properly. And when the staffing of a project is being considered, one of the new members to join this consideration is the digital content provider. Who will transfer all the files securely once the content is ready? That’s why these newcomers are being taken more seriously than ever, and are becoming an indispensable part of creative projects.

Secure file transfer is being haled as the next big game changer in the content industry. As more companies are offering secure data delivery systems, content generators are able to choose from more supplier of this important service.

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