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Dubai is the largest city and a major destination for tourists be it business or for leisure. With the city playing host to a number of events and festivals, there is an increase in the number of visitor’s to the city. The tourist influx has resulted in number of hotels mushrooming in all parts of the city but Dubai Airport has number of hotels in Dubai Airport coming up. Today’s travelers loom for the best be it the location, facilities and prices. Hotels near to the airport are very popular as it saves a lot of travel time, hotels near Dubai airport just serves the purpose. Moreover, most of the hotels cater to the needs of business and leisure travelers alike.

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Dubai International Airport serves Dubai, the largest city of the UAE. Voted as the best international airport in the world, this Dubai airport is the hub for all major international airlines besides Emirates. The Dubai International Airport started operations in 1960 and is the busiest airport in the Middle East خدمات المطار. Looking at the influx of travelers this airport is being complemented by Dubai Central International airport, which will cater to the future travelers. Located conveniently from the city center, it is a small drive in a taxi. Elegantly designed airport boasts of its large duty free shopping center, easy availability of taxis, ATMs, car rentals and hotel reservations. Travelers can find number of hotels near Dubai airport located at a short distance. Finding a comfortable and a suitable accommodation in the airport area is not difficult. As Airport hotels Dubai, provide accommodation for all types of travelers, including business travelers and budget travelers. Passengers traveling on tight schedules, rest and relaxation are a luxury that can now be afforded at one of the hotels in Dubai Airport.

After arriving at the Dubai Airport, is an experience with a lot of services available at the traveler’s disposal. With the number of transit passengers and travelers to Dubai has increased so is the available facilities and services. The Airport’s Duty Free is world famous, which is a shopper’s paradise, providing shopping opportunities for jewelry, electronics, designer wear, cosmetics children products etc. among the various services the food court is an important where one can enjoy international food, with all specialty cuisines available. Located between the gates 12 and 14 is an entertainment zone for kid’s and women. Children can have all the fun in the play zone where as the mother’s lounge is just right for women with kids. Dubai airport’s highlight is the various lounges it offers to travelers to relax themselves or attend to their business during their travel time. From First Class lounge, business Lounge, Airline lounges, to Quiet Lounges, one will find a lounge suiting your requirement and taste.

The Dubai Airport hotels add charm to the Airport services with their excellent location and services. The Airport hotels are all elegantly furnished, providing immense pleasure when putting up here. Each of Airport hotels Dubai has a unique accent of its own, which is well visible in the individualistic character. The hotels belong to international chains, but have made sure that the traditional touch of the city culture does not get affected.

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