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The W 1988 BMW is a luxury model of the car and many collectors have them. This makes them even more valuable. They are known as Eau-de-Cologne, which means “of the water”. This makes these cars ideal for collectors.


These types of cars have some common parts. The first is the engine. It has two cylinders with two exhaust pipes. There is also a gear shift that offers four gears including a reverse. The brakes are manual disks. The speedometer is located on the dashboard next to the steering column.

The interior has leather and suede seats. Seats have full backrests, using the central shaft for the headrest. The controls are very easy to access with the index finger. The radio, DVD, CD player, and cigarette lighter are also available. A sunroof is available for the driver.

The exterior has a carbon fiber body with gloss black front and rear bumpers. It has side skirts as well as a fascia. The front fender is also carbon fiber. The interior has leather throughout it.

As with any other car in this class, you will find added benefits. For one the brakes can be used with the motor rather than having to shift them yourself. The driver can use both hands to operate the doors, and they work with an electric motor rather than gas. The engine is quiet, giving you better quality of sound throughout the whole ride. It also has better performance. The speedometer and the dashboard are electronically controlled.

The car has twenty-five airbags as standard, but there are also other options available. You can get the front and rear side curtain airbags, as well as the driver’s knee airbag. Your seat will also receive occupant and child safety belts.

The ride is comfortable and relaxing, but not completely cushiony. There is a low rolling resistance system in place, which helps smooth the ride. The steering is reasonably light and does not feel like it is on a truck or a four wheeler. It feels more like a motorcycle. The suspension is front and rear shocks with four wheel studs.

The wagon model is available in any colors you want. The exterior and interior parts match well, and the wagon is the cheapest of the whole BMW range. This is a good choice for someone who wants a practical but fashionable car to drive.

The wagon is only available in one color – black. However, this color is one of the most popular today. You can get it in various colors, including metallic silver, and satin chrome. All of these colors look great on the BMW logo on the front.

This is also one of the least expensive of the models. You can get it in the standard black color. The interior is also easy to clean. The dashboard is easily removed, and the controls are easy to use. There are also several features available on the wagon, such as power tilt-out bar, CD player, ash trays, side stepping foot levers and a jack holder.

The wagon is the smallest of the models. However, it offers a big storage space underneath. This helps when you need to store more items in the car. It offers enough room to store all your belongings and carry-on luggage.

It also comes with the cool option of having the boot lid locked. This helps to keep the boot safe while you are driving. The best thing about the wagon is that it offers great fuel efficiency. The low fuel consumption makes it a good choice for those who want a car that gives good mileage.

The wagon is also available with a manual or a power drive. This depends on what you prefer more. Both of these options have their own advantages, and it will depend on your own personal preference which one you will buy. The manual has some great features that come in handy during your daily travels. The power drive is great for those who like to go fast on the open road.

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