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Facebook Video Downloader is a simple, easy-to-use and safe video downloading tool for Facebook. It allows one to save videos to the desktop of the user’s desktop or even in the cloud once the video is saved. The user will have the option of opening the video directly from the desktop, if he or she has installed the program. This application can be used also to share the videos via email or IM and can be availed from the official Facebook site as well as other sites that offer similar functions.

There are many uses of Facebook Video Downloader that one may want to explore. Since the advent of Facebook, a lot of people have started uploading and sharing their videos with their friends and loved ones. However, these videos are often uploaded without being checked and this is one of the main reasons why viral videos get a lot of exposure only to fizzle out after some time. To ensure that your video does not end up in the wrong hands, it is advisable to get this software.

When one opens Facebook Video Downloader, he or she will be greeted by a video preview on the right side panel. Here, the viewer is able to choose the format in which to store the video Facebook video download and, thus, create a folder on the system. Facebook Video Downloader has different settings that allow the user to specify what should be saved in the chosen folder and at what length the video file should be. One can also set the clip length to the extent that the viewer will not have any problem watching the video. The other settings allow the viewer to specify whether he or she wants to maximize the video with fade ins or whether he or she wants the video to start automatically at a specific time.

For users who upload videos regularly, it is advisable to turn off the automatic video start option as it can cause the video to load much slower than what it usually does. The next step is to click the ‘Play’ button to start the video immediately. The viewer will then have the option of either playing it directly in the website or using the RSS feeds provided in order to watch it in other websites. It is recommended that one uses the same application to play the video in multiple websites as this ensures that the video will load properly across all devices.

Facebook Video Downloader has been designed to be an easy software program to use. After installing, the user need not exert himself in performing functions as it will run itself. The user can therefore save time and effort when uploading videos on Facebook. Furthermore, the software allows one to access his or her friend’s network of friends. This means that there will be no need for the user to go through the process of searching for people who have uploaded videos on Facebook. The Facebook Video Downloader will identify the appropriate videos to download and save them to the chosen folders.

As far as the quality of videos is concerned, the Facebook Video Downloader has an automatic option to apply quality filters to the selected videos. This ensures that the video is of the highest quality available on Facebook. This application is also compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. One can thus use the iPhone and iPod Touch to enjoy watching videos on Facebook. One can upload videos onto Facebook using the Video Downloader application in order to watch them without any problem.

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