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When someone dies, it is normally expected that those who loved and respected that person will attend the funeral to pay their last respects to the deceased. However, because of our current social structure, the modern family tree no longer remains rooted in one area, but has instead branched out around the world. The costs of travel, job situations such as military service, and medical conditions can cause the out of town mourners to regretfully forgo attending a funeral. To address this dilemma, progressive funeral homes have begun to offer the option of webcasting the proceedings to the family and friends of the deceased. However, the availability of this broadcast technology to supplement a funeral is not without its critics.

Some funeral homes view webcasting as an unwelcome intrusion on the somber and private ceremonies that they have conducted for years. The bereaved that are planning the funeral may also be reluctant to use webcasting, not only because it would be a break from the traditional etiquette, but also from the concern that webcasting would give some people who should be at the funeral, a reason not to attend.

Despite these concerns, webcasting has been accepted in increasing numbers by both funeral homes and those utilizing their services. Some funeral homes will supply the webcast for ของชำร่วยงานศพ free while others will charge a fee of $100.00 or more to provide this option. Most funeral homes will also provide for free, or at a moderate cost, a DVD of the proceedings. Many families want to have a physical remembrance of the eulogy and ceremony for future generations.

Even if the bereaved survivors do choose the webcasting option, those who wish to pay their final respects should make every effort to attend the funeral. Quite often all that the bereaved will remember during that sorrowful period will be those who were there to personally provide them comfort in their time of need. If circumstances have forced a mourner to utilize the webcast option, a sympathy card or gift could be sent to the bereaved for the purposes of expressing condolences. Mourners can include a simple note of appreciation within a sympathy card that expresses their gratitude for providing them with the opportunity to be a part of the final farewell.

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