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You are on a wonderful vacation in Spain. But you are feeling inadequate on your trip. You took an imperative action to throw your travel guide book away. That is it! No more get trapped in the infested tourist sites! You build up a courage to get off the beaten path with your wielded past Spanish lessons. You ventured into the community of partying Spaniards.

Tourist to Traveler

“Where is everyone?”, she thoughts. Glanced at the watch and it read out 1:35 a.m. “Dónde está el partido?”, she yells at the bartender.

He fixated a baffle look at the tanned blonde lady. “Oh no, not another American, said under his breath.
“Grab a seat, lady”.

“You speak English?”, the lady answered surprisingly.

The lessons on Cultural Begins

“Would you like some Sangria?”, asked the bartender.

“You want me to drink blood!?!”, the lady taunted.

“Sangria, Sangria, not blood. Sangria derived from the word Sangre. Yes, lady, it meant blood.”, the bartender explained.

“Earlier, you asked me where the party is. You are an early bird.” As the bartender continues to explain, “People here start party around 2 a.m. Safe to said, the place here will get packed after 2:15 a.m.”

“Wow! This is unlike us. We start around 8 p.m. and end at maybe midnight.”

“The Spaniards know how to have fun.” the bartender laughs.

“This Sangria is good!”. How do you make it?”

“It is a secret.”, bartender answered.

As the American and the bartender continues their lessons on the Spanish living.

The Sangria has been popular drink in Europe for hundred years. The basic recipe consists of Spanish wine, Rioja, and fruits. In some Europe countries used claret or Bordeaux. It occurs during maybe 1800s. The Sangria make its first appearance in America in 1964 at the World’s Fair in New York. The Sangria began to spread in America.

Today to this day, there are many different recipes. Fruits mainly are oranges, apples, and lemons. It does not necessary restricts to the ingredient or red wine and fruits. Some people add rum, brandy, or even vodka to the Sangria.

When you see the Sangria with the words following, Sangria Blanco, it means that Sangria is making from white wine. As you know your basic Spanish, blanco means white. Sangria Blanco maybe will align with fruits that such as kiwis, peaches, or mangos.

Really, there is no rule on how to make Sangria. The rough guideline of Sangria making is wine and fruits mixture. To refine your recipe, you may use another alcohol, fruit juice, soda water, sparking water, and/or even use sugar.

The restaurants have their own recipe. The Sangria you drank is the bar’s best kept secret recipe, the most traditional and authentic drink. I must say you have found the hidden treasure in the Spain. Frankly, The bar next door will have Sangria. I regret to said, lot of them are making it cheap due to mass of tourists want to taste comprare levitra online sicuro the true Spanish therefore the bar want to have large quantity and sells it 8 time the cost in order to make profit.

You will be surprise how easy and inexpensive Sangria can be made. I am not said it is a cheap drink. It happens to be cheap by nature and it is great and fun to drink. You get alcohol, fruits and combine it together. You let it melds just like you marinates your food. That is the Sangria you drink.

Cultural Transform

“¿Puedo comprar le yo una bebida?”, said the fashionable handsome Spaniard as he grab the barstool next to her.

The bartender observes the room.

The lady translates few words deliberately and reply, “Drink me no”, as she shook her finger.

“I bet you it is around 2 a.m.” the bartender reckons.

She checked her watch and it read out 2:11 a.m. Suddenly, she felt her wrist being grabbed. “Senor! Give me my watch back now!”


“We must stop and smell the roses, lady. Not only occasionally but, we must do it often.” As the bartender debates, “Time is an important tool but not making a life chained to the time. Learn to control your destiny as you are master of your time, not a servant.”

“Look!” as the bartender scans the room with his finger. The lady’s eye feasts the room. The patrons banter, barmaid walk by with tray full of drinks, the couple flirts madly in the corner, and across the room another group of patron sings gleefully.

“What time do you think this party will end?”, the bartender challenged.

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