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Dried foods are those that are no longer needed as they have been consumed. They have either been stored or given away. Dried foods are best preserved by air-drying. Dried foods are dried using either a dryer or by other means. Either way, the process kills all the bacteria, fungi, and molds present in it.

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Air circulation is one of the most important things to keep the dehydrated product at the desired state of crispness. It is also important to keep the dried foods out of direct sunlight and to minimize the use of heat to speed up the drying process. Low humidity is what makes the drying process work. Dried foods need to be kept at a low moisture level to prevent spoilage. Dried foods dehydrated by air circulation have a longer shelf life than those dried by low humidity.

Dried vegetables, meats and fruits especially benefit from air circulation because the moisture content decreases with increasing temperatures. Dried fruits and vegetables are best kept in a refrigerator. When not used immediately they should be stored in a cool dry place. Air circulation speeds up the rate of oxidation, which speeds up the moisture content loss in fruits kingfoods vietnam.

When using air to dry foods, it is important to remember to use a plastic bag when wrapping the food. Dried fish is best kept in a plastic bag so that the moisture will escape. If the food has already been wrapped, it is good to place the plastic bag inside the freezer. Plastic bags also help keep leftover food moist until it is ready to eat. This is because the plastic bag retains the moisture, which will help keep the food moist.

The traditional method of dehydration, using boiling water and placing dried foods into the water, is no longer recommended. New research suggests that extreme temperature changes can kill the beneficial microbial growth that are part of the process of natural dehydration. Extreme temperature changes can result in loss of vitamins, minerals and water. Studies have shown that drying foods by using a microwave or heating units in the dryer may also kill the beneficial microbial growth that is part of natural dehydration.

The most convenient way to dry foods is by placing them in a container with no air. These containers are usually made of glass, ceramic or stainless steel. The best choices for dried foods will have plenty of air circulation and will have a lid to keep the moisture in. Glass and stainless steel containers are good choices for foods that are easy to clean such as raisins, dried pineapple, pretzels and avocados.

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