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Can you imagine what it would mean to have a winning formula that works, a process that once applied to your Internet Marketing or any other kind of marketing, one that does make money, over and over again.

Listen and learn, every business I have ever started has been profitable in direct proportion to my commitment to the Formula That Never Ever Fails.

And the Formula is “Stop Selling Start Giving” 분당스웨디시

Yes that’s right, it is as simple as that, we spend so much time prospecting and selling, trying to get people to buy our products, we are so self focused, trying to get the sale or the order, that we turn people off, no-one likes being sold to, but we all love buying, get it!! so what do I mean?

Get out of your circle of concern and focus on the needs of others. A great example, a young man wanted to start up a massage business, fortunately he learned the “Formula That Never Fails” What did he do? He simply rang a list of 30 people and said he was promoting his service and offered a free massage, Yes that was it.

This young man realised instead of spending huge amounts of money advertising, he would simply allow his free first massage service to advertise the quality and the value of his service, he also placed a sign out on the footpath in front of his business and was soon completely booked out.

As you would have guessed, most of those free massages, turned into fully paid customers, because he was more focused on their needs, providing them the opportunity to experience for free, the value and the quality of his service, he stopped selling and started giving and allowed his customers to discover his valuable service.

What ever you are marketing think, what can I give that will introduce the quality and the value of my service, product or business. Another example, A pizza man decided to use the “Formula That Never Fails” he created a coupon that offered a free small pizza sampler and had them handed out it was a small 6 inch pizza size, valued about $6.00 but it only cost him about $2.00.

Yes, he had people coming in and you guessed it, a great deal of those people bought larger pizzas as well, yes he gained more customers, some of those customers also handed out free pizza coupons to their friends and they also bought more pizzas as well. As you can see it worked for the pizza man and I know it will work for any kind of business including Internet Marketing.

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