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James Bond Quantum Of Solace is the sequel to Casino Royale. Does it measure up?

In Casino Royale, Bond was betrayed by the love of his life, Vesper, just before he was killed. Here, while tracking down the guy who blackmailed her, he uncovers Quantum, a massive organization with people everywhere, literally.

Unlike the romantic hero of Casino Royale, James Bond is a bitter man. A cold blooded killer who dispatches bodies of the bad guys, not leaving a lead for his people to follow, to M’s chagrin.

There’s plenty of action, beautifully choreographed. Like an art film. I love the opening, how 2 scenes were played concurrently, for maximum impact. The action scenes, though violent, were brilliant.

Yeah, the two mandatory hot babes were there. One gets killed. The other lives on. Though the women were dressed more conservatively than your usual Bond girl. Much of the old Bond franchise was missing from this movie. The tongue in cheek puns. The cliches. The gadgets. The sexy babe on the beach scenes weren’t in this movie Situs Judi Bola Resmi.

What you do get is a gritty Bond movie. More Jason Bourne than James Bond.

Still, Daniel Craig delivered an excellent performance. This blonde Bond may well dethrone Sean Connery as the best Bond of all time if he keeps this up.

Judy Dench was spot on as M. The steely woman in charge of British Intelligence, who display undertones of maternal instinct towards her reckless agent, Bond.

While these two key performances were outstanding, the Bond girls were forgettable. The storyline was confusing at times. Or was there a storyline?

I get the feeling the movie was all out to impress visually that the plot development was compromised to some extent. Still, I found the movie enjoyable as a whole.

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