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The University of Barcelona in Spain has a rich tradition of excellence, having achieved so much in the academic and research fields. Established in 1493, it has grown to become one of the leading universities in all over Europe. The University of Barcelona was founded with the intention of unifying the Spanish people, as well as for the east-west Europeans to link up. Today, it is one of the top ranked universities in all over the world. With almost 5000 students enrolled each year, it is amongst the most exclusive and distinguished colleges. In the recent past, La Academia en vivo had played a major role in disseminating and promoting knowledge and are a leading force behind the promotion and distribution of scientific research papers, and scientific works in general.

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The University of Barcelona’s Schools of Law, Business and Economics are amongst the best in the whole of Spain. The School of Law houses the famous Barcelona Bar Association, giving prominence to the legal community and Bar Exam. Business and Economics offers courses in the areas of management, finance and accounting and help the students in understanding economic development in their respective countries. There are numerous scholarships available from the University for scholars who wish to pursue higher studies in Law. The other prominent University that houses a large number of scholars is the University of Madrid ver la academia en vivo.

In the year 1561, the first institution of higher learning in the entire continent of Spain was established by the canon lawyer Father Benjamen Prie de Llorens. With the financial help of the king of Spain and the friars, the institution grew in leaps and bounds. Today, there are many prominent scholars in the university’s department of social sciences. The university also houses an Institute of History and Social Sciences.

The University of Barcelona has a rich tradition of academics and research. It has been able to achieve international recognition, with a great influx of foreign faculty and students. There are several prominent scholars from foreign countries, who have made major contributions to the field of academic studies in the La Academia en vivo. The school has also received important recognition from the regional and national curriculums.

The faculty and students at the university are very friendly and offer the best quality education. They are considered to be amongst the top institutions in Spain. The school also houses the School of Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine. Other branches of the la Academia en vivo include the departments of Social Sciences, Economics, Politics and History. The graduate study programmes in these departments help students acquire knowledge on a variety of related subjects.

The students from different nationalities and cultures get the opportunity to share their experiences and gain knowledge from each other. The international academic association known as the European Students’ Association also helps students to organise themselves on campus. The la Academia en vivo also holds the Annual Spanish Language Fair, which brings together students from all over Spain and teaches Spanish for beginners. The fair is organised by the School of Economy.

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