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Mackie is a subsidiary of Loud Technologies. Mackie has been producing the musical equipment for about 15 years now and has gained a very good reputation from the professional music artists. Mackie has been known to produce the best mixers. The Mackie D2 Splash is one of the best mixers that Mackie has produced. The Mackie D2 Splash has gained its credibility with the superior sound and its design and stands at the top among the DJ mixers produced by other companies.

The Mackie D2 Splash is the world’s first DJ mixer that has the FireWire operation card for recording as well as mixing the files, which can be done directly from your computer. The other feature 토토검증 that was introduced in Mackie D2 Splash was the Infinium optical cross fader that has the adjustable tension, a turntable that is genuine and the mic prepams to get incredibly low noises, as well as a massive punch and knobs that are backlit and they can be used in very dim lights.

Among the other outstanding features of Mackie D2 Splash is that it has a very classic finish and has a bulletproof make with a premium analog VCA circuitry, as well as the ultra high performance components. With the Infinium, the mic and turntable preamps, it also has a 3-position spring loaded transform switches and a solid 14-gauge steel body. The Mackie D2 Splash can also be connected to the computer to playback from any software application including Live, iTunes, Windows Medial Player etc. You can set the Input Select switch of the channels to the FireWire and can mix the two tracks with your computer.

The Mackie D2 Splash has a rotatable spring loaded 3-position switches to provide the Transformer effects. There is a Reverse switch and a variable Contour control provided for each of the fader, which allows the DJ to dial in with the feet. The DJs can get up to 10 dB of boost through the channel EQ. With the Mackie D2 Splash, you can connect the dynamic mics and the studio condenser mics, as the Mackie mic preamp gives about 50 dB of gain with the +48V Phantom Power. Mackie D2 Splash can be connected with the PA system through the balanced XLR Main outputs with a mic/level line switch.

In order to prevent the recording levels getting shattered, Mackie D2 Splash is equipped with the RCA outputs, which includes the live/record switch. There is also a built-in Stereo FX Loop that presents a dual 1/4-inch inputs and outputs along with the Send and Return level knobs. There are also 1/4 inch Booth outputs that have a volume control, a stereo and a mono switch. This feature just allows the adjustments as per the adjustments of the software.

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