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Some men do turn up their noses at the idea of marrying a prostitute.

I understand, even sympathize, but I do think that if you have ever paid a woman for sex you should at least be open to the possibility of falling in love with her.

If you’re too pure, stingy or sexually successful to have ever paid for sex, then I can’t preach to you. I’m not saying that you should force yourself to marry a forty year old 300 pound syphilitic who gives blowjobs in alleys for 50 pesos. But you should remain open NEW YORK ASIAN ESCORT AGENCY.

Some people maintain that prostitutes make the best
wives. They have the experience to give you great sex and they’re a lot less likely to cheat on you. They’ve already had all the sexual variety they could want.

It’s also true that their experiences have conditioned them not to be jealous, especially Filipinos. They take sex much more for granted and don’t confuse it with love.

As long as they’re sure you return their love, they may actually find other women for you. They may even prefer that to you running around picking up any lady off the street and maybe catching the clap which you might pass on to your woman.

They can help their friends earn some extra cash and make sure you aren’t victimized. It’s a viewpoint not often found among middle class Western women.

In THE MAYFLOWER MADAM Sydney Biddle Barrows
wrote that she believed prostitutes made bad wives.
Either they grow to hate men or they become

Yet she knows of cases where it
happened. She lost one of her escorts when the woman
reported to a man’s hotel room and they fell in love at first sight.

Some guys are broadminded enough to let women they’re
emotionally involved with continue working as
prostitutes. I am assuming that you do find the idea of your woman putting out for other guys as emotionally painful.

This can be true even if it’s all in her past, before you knew her, even though you know she had no emotional attachment to those men and she’s given it up for you. If you feel her love, accept it and her. You have the best of her, all her love and most of the sex. Be happy.

Be Asian in the sense that you don’t let yourself think about what makes you unhappy. Be practical, which means be happy, for unhappy people are useless. Think about the wonder and joy she’s bringing into your life now.

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