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Who would ever think that a book on kissing would ever become necessary? After all, what’s to kissing other than pressing your lips against another human beings lips, right? That’s where Michelle Penney’s Kissing 101 comes in.

Michelle Penney’s Kissing 101 promises to teach you not just the basics of pressing your lips against your partner’s but how to create really memorable kisses… the type of kisses that will be remembered forever and earn you an eternal place in your partners heart.

There are three types of people out there; those that know how to kiss, those who don’t know how to kiss and those who think they know how to kiss but really don’t. There is no doubt that just 918kiss about everyone could find something to add to their repertoire and make some kissing magic… and some just need a major overhaul of their technique.

Although this book was written for both sexes we all know that kissing is ultimately more important to women. And guys? In case you don’t know this, women talk amongst themselves and deem you either a good kisser or a bad kisser. And when things begin to go south in a relationship this fact is often taken into consideration such as “well, he was never a very good kisser anyhow so…he’s gone.” So you can see that kissing is a skill that should be taken very seriously.

Some of the information shared in Kissing 101 includes some very good tips for guys on how to get that first kiss and make it memorable, how to build tension by hesitating for just a moment as you move in for that first kiss and other helpful pieces of advice that will get you off on the right foot. After all, you never really get the opportunity to relive that first kiss. Yes, there are always chances to redeem your self but that first kiss will be remembered forever and noted whether it was good or bad.

Without getting too graphic, just about every aspect of kissing is brought to light including techniques and tips on how to practice your kissing technique. Everything from the first kiss to French kissing to more advanced kissing techniques. If it involves kissing then chances are it’s in this book.

You’ll learn what to do with your hands, special places to kiss other than just the lips, different types of kisses and even how to avoid uncomfortable situations when things just don’t seem to be working out. You are offered tips on different kissing pressures and when each is appropriate and how to know when to use each and the list goes on. Who would have ever thought that kissing could be so complicated and multi-faceted?

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