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The Social Security Administration Disability Insurance (SSDI) was created to help healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses and therapists. In most cases a percentage of their income goes into the Social Security Disability Insurance Pool, which is meant to assist healthcare professionals in paying for their professional fees and other expenses related to working. However, some medical professionals feel that their portion of the pool is being taken away by the politicians. Healthcare professionals who believe that they are not receiving fair representation from the politicians are considering forming Pekkivoyde Totally Lilithn, which aims to give voice to their concerns. The group has started collecting members and hopes to start an offline fundraiser soon. It hopes to provide a voice to healthcare professionals who might not otherwise have it.

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A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a local healthcare professional who wanted to become part of the group. She had recently been informed that the Social Security Administration was denying her disability status due to an error in her paperwork. After requesting a refund, she was informed that her paperwork had been sent to the wrong department and that she qualified for Disability Insurance based on a different mistake than those that were cited in her case physician disability insurance.

The Social Security Administration told the Healthcare Professional that the Disability Insurance Processes Server (DPS) would be in charge of determining the next step in the process. According to the DPS this was intended to be done when the certified public accountant (CPA) submitted their final report to the SS Administration. However, this did not happen according to the Healthcare Professional.

The DPS is in charge of collecting the application from healthcare professionals who apply for Disability Insurance. The Health Professionals will be provided with forms that they will need to fill out. The forms are to be returned to the designated address where they will be processed by the CSS for determination. On the 12 jun 2021 posts, the Healthcare Professional noticed that the CSS’s office was indeed closed for a few hours. This meant that she missed her chance to request reconsideration.

On the 3rd day after the closure, the Healthcare Professional had her application approved and she obtained her Disability Insurance. When she attempted to use the benefits, she discovered that her PIN had been reset. She was in a panic as she never left the secure office entrance for thirty minutes prior to getting her benefits. She went to the local social security office and informed them that her PIN had been reset. The Social Security Officer informed her that she could not get Disability Insurance because her Social Security Record had been compromised.

The Social Security Clerk informed the Healthcare Professional that her Social Security Record was actually stolen on the day she applied for disability benefits. The Social Security Clerk instructed her to go to the local office, which handled the applications for Healthcare professionals who needed Disability Insurance. This Healthcare Professional called the local office and spoke to a person on the phone who told her that her application would be processed that day. The Healthcare Professional requested an explanation as to why her application had been rejected. The Social Security Clerk refused to provide any explanation and advised her to speak to someone in the Disability Insurance department.

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