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When starting your online business, there are essential tools you must have in order to become successful. The problem most people find is not knowing exactly which tools they should use for their specific business. There are many different kinds of tools available for your online business. But not all tools are necessary when first starting online. Here is what you need to get you started Find Business Tools.

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1. Domain – A domain name is the web address potential clients will  type in to find your website. It is a good idea to make your domain name the same or similar to your business’ name. This will help with your brand identity. There are many places online where a domain name can be purchased for very cheap. GoDaddy is the service I use for all of my domains.

2. Hosting – A hosting account is necessary for your domain name to be found online. It is similar to an online address for your website. Hosting is also very affordable, and the list of providers is endless. One of the more common hosting providers for those new to online business is Host Gator.

3. Website Editor – Once you have purchased your hosting account and domain name, you will then need to set up your website. A website editor is needed to make your website look to way you want. There are editors that allow you to edit the html code only or you can use a visual editor for a “what you see is what you get”  edit. CoffeeCup and NVU are two free website editor that I have used.

4. FTP Client (File Transfer Protocol) – A FTP client is used to upload your website to your hosting account. There are free FTP clients that can be used to accomplish this. CoffeeCup Free FTP and FileZilla are two of the free clients you can use.

5. Autoresponder – An autoresponder is used to stay connected to your customers, prospects and clients through email marketing. Providers like Aweber offer autoresponders that allow you to send out email broadcast,  newsletters, ecourses, and articles to everyone on your list. It also provides you with a web form to place on your site to collect names and email addresses from visitors to your site.

The above online business tools are essential when starting your online business. As you can see your online business can be started with little to no money and with very few tools.  As you start to build your list and become profitable, you can begin to add other tools that will assist in you business growth.

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