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When it comes to fancy dress and boys, there are some popular costumes that you will see year after year at Halloween. In the main, their popularity comes from the fact that they can be – and are – worn throughout the year in normal costume play situations.


Slowly the major fancy dress costume manufacturers have been waking up to this situation and we have recently seen a real surge in the number of new Halloween fancy dress costumes which are being specifically targeted at boys. And this is across the age ranges from small boys through the tweeny years to young teenagers. The move towards recognising that boys in the tweeny years and young teenagers still want to be part of the fun of Halloween but that they may consider the standard Batman fancy dress costume as representing something too young is a bold move and one that deserves credit. Strange that boys return to the Batman theme in their late teens and early manhood years – it’s one of the most popular for Stag Nights Juice Wrld Store.

Rather than simply identify what the most popular themes have been for the last few years, we would also like to identify some of the newer costumes that we predict will be taking this Halloween by storm and challenging as most popular.

Superman / Supergirl – the popularity of the character with films, cartoons, comics and other merchandising continually being refreshed means that every year Superman is spotted in towns and villages everywhere. Like good superheroes everywhere, the basic concepts stay the same but the audience is continually changing and this year a whole new generation will take on the mantle of being ‘The Man of Steel’.

Batman – well, you can’t seem to separate these two. Another fantastic Halloween fancy dress costume theme and there are the Classic Batman (grey suit) or the more recent, and more sinister looking, version from Batman Returns. Yes, Robin is popular, as are other superheroes – Flash, Catwoman etc but these do not rank as highly on the popularity chart as Batman.

Army Soldier – always popular but showing a steady growth, probably due to recent world events. Battle fatigues and camouflage makeup to complete the look. This is not a good costume for going trick or treating in as it does not stand out at all – see our safety tips below.

Ghosts and demons – these are nearly always ‘special purchases’ or made of the event costumes at Halloween and this reflects in their overall popularity. Traditional ghostly costumes are now being treated to a face lift with the introduction of relatively cheap and comfortable masks – mainly based on the ‘Scream’ movie ghost.

Klownz – note the spelling. This is one of the newer costume design ranges and has an ‘edge’ to the design and is sure to be popular with older boys in the tweeny to teenage bracket. Each of the costumes comes complete with a mask and the designs are more comically appealing than scary. Costumes have been styled around jackets, jumpers and trousers rather than traditional robes and this is also sure to add to their ready acceptance.

Fading light Phantoms – these costumes are more about the technology. Basically a simple costume is completed by an overhead mask into which are mounted lights which fade in and out. At night in the darkness these are spectacular and the masks are good quality and easy to wear – and more importantly, they look good too.

Some thoughts on Halloween Safety: To ensure the safety of children out on ‘trick or treat’ it maybe advisable to stitch some dayglo or reflective material around the cuffs and ankles of some of the costumes. Not all will stand out in the dark. Clearly all groups of children should be supervised and there should be sufficient torches to ensure that the entire group is safe when out and about. Some responsibility should be taken to ensure that not all of the children are wearing masks so as not to scare householders when they come to the door. Also when selecting ‘tricks’ a degree of social responsibility needs to be achieved.

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