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This extremely humorous, kid-centric guide by child-expert Max Edwards reveals everything you ought to know about the sport of soccer. Max knows a great deal about soccer. After all, he has been playing it for nearly three months now.

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So he is pretty much an expert, whatever sport he is in. That is why he presents this tongue-in-cheeks guide, which is one-of-a-kind helpful tips including useful advice about watching the game, key situations to watch out for, and even some advice about his own love of the sport. Actually, Max Edwards probably loves soccer more than you probably do. If that’s true, then you will love this entertaining and informative little book.

Soccer Experiencing – A Kid’s Soccer Expert is full of real life experiences from Max, as well as from other soccer experts and players. It is not just another “Soccer Betting Sizzler” product, although it certainly could be. It is a fun and light-hearted way of sharing some of the wisdom about soccer that Max has gained through years of playing the game. It is meant to be a fun, light-hearted read about how kids can win with Max’s help and guidance, instead of just telling everyone about the best soccer betting strategy or tip around More importantly, though, Soccer Experiencing shares with kids the priceless wisdom and experience of one of the most successful soccer experts in the world, and that is Max Edwards.

Soccer Experiencing – A Kid’s Soccer Expert is full of everything a kid enthusiast could want. From hilarious and insightful insights into different soccer situations through almost three weeks of play, from friendly faces to crazy bets, from tons of soccer tips to almost one-of-a-kind helpful tips including the best way to kick during free kicks, to more advanced strategies such as how to stop losing games before they even start, this is a must-read for any soccer player who wants to increase their winning percentage. Soccer Experiencing – A Kid’s Soccer Expert is written in a very easy to understand, child-friendly language, making it a perfect choice for kids. Edwards provides detailed statistics and pictures of what he calls “the best soccer team in the history of the World”, complete with game stats and photos, allowing readers to get a full picture of how the game really works.

Soccer Experiencing – A Kid’s Soccer Expert is probably the best “tip” book that has ever been released for kids. It is a great read for all ages because it is so full of real life experiences that almost every single aspect of the game can be applied in the real world situations that children often face during the games. Soccer rules are explained in such a way that even little kids can learn and follow them easily, while adults will surely learn something from such a realistic and vivid account of how the sport can be played. Soccer is not just about kicking a ball around the field; it is also a fun and exciting game that can be enjoyed by everyone. Soccer Experiencing – A Kid’s Soccer Expert practically shows off the basics of the game and gives detailed and unique insights into the game’s most important aspects.

Soccer Experiencing – A Kid’s Soccer Expert is a must-read for anyone who loves soccer or wants to become one. This is something that will not just keep you on your toes throughout the season but also something that will keep you playing until the very end, if you keep up with the tips given in the book. Like the old saying goes, you only get out of sports what you are willing to put in, this book certainly shows you everything you’ve been missing. The author, Kevin McCaffrey, is a former professional athlete who knows all about the technical details of the game. What you really need is this kind of inside look at how pro players perform, from their training and daily practices to how they manage their nerves and adrenaline.

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