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In an intimate relationship, physical violence occurs 4,000,000 to 6,000,000 times a year. That’s 4 to 6 million cases reported each year as estimated by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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In the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley, the author stated it very well; “I am the master of my fate. I am the Captain of my soul.” How we conduct ourselves and how we prepare ourselves will determine our fate. We steer our own ship and we must determine we want to be safe. As population grows we find that we cannot depend on law enforcement to protect us at all times. Bad economic times can bring out the worst in people and violence can erupt.

Sadly we find that women are victims of physical violence 9 out of ten times. What we love about a women’s character is also her greatest weakness. We teach our women to be kind and gentle and yes trusting of the goodness of others. Violent offenders take advantage of this, and expect little or no resistance from a woman. This need not be the case, if you are willing to prepare yourself Guns for sale discreetly UK.

Asking a woman or any average citizen to carry a gun is not the correct thing to do. If you ask 99 out of 100 average citizens, they will tell you that they do not want to kill someone, or even if pushed to the limit of endurance, will hesitate before “pulling the trigger”. This lack of willingness or hesitation is what the violent offender is looking for. This gives them the opportunity to disarm you and use your own weapon against you. This is why you need to arm yourself with non-lethal weapons that you will not hesitate to use, as you know you will not kill anyone.

Now let us get back to your chance of being a victim. The 4 to 6 million cases reported, does not take into account those cases that are not reported. One out of every four women on a college campus is sexually assaulted while in college, and one out of eight will be raped! Nine out of ten of these women knew their assailant. One-half of these rapes occur on a date. Ignoring college and thinking that being married or in a relationship is safer may not be correct. Twenty percent of the women in a serious relationship report being slapped and thirty percent of these women are in fear for their safety.

There are natural ways to avoid some situations, and these can pertain to men as well as women:

Carry yourself with confidence, head held high and walk with a rapid or brisk pace.
Use shopping carts if you have more than an armful, assailants look for someone with their arms full as being more vulnerable.
If possible, shop with a friend. Violent offenders do not often attack more than one victim at any one time.
Avoid being out shopping or alone early in the morning or late at night when there are not as many people around and visibility is limited.
Most assailants do not like resistance or a commotion. Fight back, scream, fight dirty and kick your assailant in the shins or groin.
Now what do you do when all this fails? It is unlikely that more than one in three hundred women is willing to take self-defense classes to become proficient enough to subdue our attacker. The intent may be there, but the follow through is doubtful. This is where a stun gun can become your best defense. Very little training is needed, other than to read the instructions that come with your stun gun when purchased.

You do not outgrow being a victim, you just learn how not to be a victim. Stun guns come in all sizes and shapes and power. They can be very affordable costing from $19.00 to $69.00 depending on size, power and versatility. Today’s stun guns are very safe, as they have a safety pin to prevent accidental discharge, they will not kill your assailant and you will not be shocked, even if you are touching your assailant. People use a stun gun without delay or hesitation, knowing that it is not lethal, but it is a very effective weapon. The stun gun will disable your assailant, and give you time to run away and contact the police, or get into your car, lock the doors and drive away.

Think not only about your personal safety, but the safety of those you love. Stun guns should not be given to children, but teenagers, college students and adults, with proper instruction, should be armed to defend themselves. Don’t be a victim, defend yourself and live a happy life.

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