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Water pumping systems are used to move liquid or water from a lower region to a higher region. The pumps are operated by electric motor, which is placed inside the pump body. The pump works on the principle of three-phase electric current, that is provided by the power company at your area. It is widely used in places where there is no direct supply of water from a lake or a river. The pumps are available in two versions – one for single phase pump and the other for dual phase pump.

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Another use of the water pumping system is to convert the water into vapor form by using solar energy may bom cong nghiep. This is useful in increasing the productivity in the agricultural field. There are some automatic irrigation equipment available these days, which run on electricity produced from the solar energy. These machines work well in areas having proper sunlight throughout the day.

The second most important usage of this equipment is for the purpose of irrigation. In rural areas, where the population is not too high, manual irrigation is often not efficient enough. However, with the help of the solar water pumping systems, the process becomes much easier. The solar powered equipments are available in different forms such as – ground drip feeders, surface feeders, and groundwater wells. All these equipments have their own advantages.

Let us now see how the water powered irrigation machine operates. First of all, the setup is done in an open area, which does not have any obstruction in the path of the equipment. Next, a few plants, trees or bushes must be found in the path of the equipment. This will help in improving the aesthetics of the entire setup.

After the installation, the next step is the adjustment of the pressure and the flow. Generally, low flow pressure is required for the underground water pumping and high head pumps. On the other hand, the water flowing through underground pipes will require lower pressure. Once this is adjusted, you can proceed to test the working of the system.

The water extraction machine has been designed in a way that it pumps water faster than the normal rate. There are many industrial sites that demand a high rate of water extraction. However, finding out a suitable place for placing the pump is the first task. The location needs to be such that the amount of water flowing into the soil is not hampered by any natural barriers. Once the location and the amount of water needed are identified, the next step is the set up of submersible pumps.

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