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Well if there’s one thing in the world we all love is a good laugh. If like I you have a good sense of humor then I’m sure lots of things will make you laugh. But every now and then you come across a really bad joke, yes you know the ones I’m talking about, the ones which make you laugh in pity or pain. Doesn’t matter if it’s a normal joke or practical joke many of them are just not funny.

These jokes are usually so appalling due to nonsense childish logic, but a few jokes I have come across have also been offensive in some way or another even racist! A classic example of a poor joke is “why did the chicken cross the road” then you say “I don’t know why” they reply “to get to the other side” This one like many before it is more annoying than funny. However I’m sure you all know that a good joke can also be a bad joke if it’s not told properly. If the joke teller has no timing or stutters halfway through a joke then the listener will lose track and interest and you won’t get any laughs. The joke teller has to remain witty, confident joker slot and good timing. Some offensive jokes involve lines about being overweight, colored, religion, ginger hair, and rude comments about family members. These are mainly ignored by the most intelligent of the population and never stay in circulation for long.

A great place for telling jokes is the pub, millions of people through-out history have enjoyed many hours winding down their day at such places. As a result the local pub is a breeding ground for jokes, with knew ones being told constantly. So I think that a lot of these bad jokes seem funny in the pub. But the next day are not.

Another kind of the worlds worst jokes are prank phone calls to emergency services. Some small minded individuals often find it funny to waste a fire departments time. This is a big problem for our emergency services and costs a lot of money and more importantly lives. Pretending to have a heart attack or fit is also a bad one, one time they might not be pretending! Toilet humor and bad practical jokes seems to be growing a lot since programs like jackass have come to screen. For instance happy slapping is a terrible practical joke which involves the assault of an Innocent by-stander. This is a disgrace and is by no means funny but still it happens.

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