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Are you looking for an inexpensive bed liner for your new truck? Do you have an older truck that needs a bed fix-up? Consider the Plasti Kote bed liner.

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What is this bedliner? How do you install one?

These liners are just thick, very sticky paint with lots of rubber bits for texture and cushioning. There are many different brands of liquid bed liner, but Plasti-Kote is one of the least expensive choices. Despite its small price tag, this liner is tough, and is a big improvement over a rusty bed bedliner.

A liquid liner goes on a new truck bed pretty simply. The whole bed is sanded with heavy grit sandpaper to give the liner liquid something to “grab.” After sanding, it is probably a good idea to prime the bed with a spray can of Rustoleum for added stick and protection. Then paint the liner on. Use a paint roller or disposable paint brushes. You might be concerned that there will be streaks or brush lines left in your liner surface, but this bed liner material is thick enough that it smooths out very well.

With an older rusty bed you will have a little more work to do. The rusty areas of the bed should be sanded well to remove the loose rust. These areas should then be painted with rust converter, then primer, then liner paint. This will take a little longer to do, but it will give you a good solid bed liner.

It is a good idea to mask the edges of the bedrails and tape newspaper on the sides of your truck. This helps to protect your truck’s paint from bits of flying bed liner!

Our 1980 Plymouth pickup has had a self installed Plasti Kote bed liner on it for two years. The liner has been worked hard and has several places where it has been chipped off. My recommendation would be to buy two cans of the liner paint and put a good thick layer on the sides. After that put many coats on the bed and wheel wells, letting it dry somewhat between coats. When your liner does get a “hole” in it, sand lightly around the hole and fill it with some of the left-over liner paint, an easy fix!

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