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India is a large country. However there are many reasons to do short trips (less than 5 hours) by car or coach. Trips like Delhi to Jaipur, Agra and Haridwar would normally be undertaken in 5 hours. Here we discuss tips in selecting your transport to make your short travel go well.

In order to maximize safety, personal care and flexibility, it is best to hire a driver, and an air-conditioned vehicle rather than to drive yourself. Professional, drivers in India generally know the vehicles and roads much better than the visitors. All the major centres, like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, etc. have many hiring options. Often they are located at airports for convenience. If you choose to drive yourself, become acquainted with the road rules and the driving style. Most visitors find it takes them much longer to get anywhere when they drive themselves.

Another benefit in hiring a driver is they are a great source of information about sites, restaurants and other places of interest. Do be very clear with your questions or you may be disappointed, especially when asking about time of travel. It can take from 4 to 8 hours to travel from Delhi to Agra, depending on the time of departure and other circumstances.

There are many reputable providers of cars and coaches in India. However here are a few tips on what to ask when arranging road transport. Ask about the age and condition of and vehicle. All vehicles undergo regular maintenance and are certified for road worthiness. Check to confirm this. Most vehicles are less than 5 years old and are well-maintained and their owners will provide maintenance records, if requested SSC Coaching in Dehradun.

All vehicles need to be licensed and legally registered for commercial operation (under each state legislations) as well as be comprehensively insured against any eventuality – check to confirm this.

The vehicles are cleaned on a daily basis and during the trip if the driver or his attendant notices anything which needs immediate attention, it will be dealt with. Generally vehicles are spick and span with proper seat covers and seat belts.

Consider hiring four-wheel drive vehicles when traveling to the foothills of the Himalayas.

Many of the drivers will provide water, refreshments, some dry snacks and tissue papers for the comfort of passengers. Drink only reputable bottles water to reduce risk of heath issues.

All drivers have a valid commercial license and are medically fit.

The drivers are trained to interact with the international travelers taking into account their tastes and expectations. They are trained in safe driving but bear that in mind, the conditions in India may be completely different to home conditions. If you feel unsafe and the driver is going “too fast” just ask them to slow down, if it is not am emergency.

In conclusion, like almost anything that you hire, check out as much as you can. The majority of drivers are great people and look forward to interacting with their passengers. Remember: The friendlier you are the better the ride!

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