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A number of approaches to website design have been proposed, each claiming variations on the theme. This article proposes that credibility should be used as the foundation of website design; with the same taken up as a sustained motivation in its development.

Credibility can be equated to believability. It is a perceived quality which doesn’t inherently reside in an object, person, or piece of information. On the matter of website design, perception of credibility is measured in the minds of site visitors through elements within the website and how these are integrated to achieve the same.

Most of the information herein are lifted from a study made through a prominent university in the United States. Data from over 1500 online participants were tabulated, both from the U.S. and Europe, evaluating over fifty different website elements. Components such as aesthetic features, content variables, and technical factors have been affirmed as critical components.

Anyone who intends to create a successful website should capitalize on the following.

Incorporate Indicators of Trustworthiness
Trustworthiness is possibly the topmost element that determines a site’s success. This quality is achieved by integrating the following qualities into a website: well-intentioned, truthful, unbiased, etc. It is the perceived goodness or morality dimension of a website. It is desirable to incorporate the following elements:
(1) linked to sites which users think are credible,
(2) states its policy on content,
(3) links to outside materials and sources,
(4) provides links to competing sites,
(5) site was recommended by a friend.

Incorporate Indicators of Expertise
Expertise is the second most major requisite for a site’s success. It requires that the maker of the website is: knowledgeable, experienced, competent, etc. It is the perceived knowledge and skill dimension of a website. It is desirable to incorporate the following elements:
(1) lists authors’ credentials for each article,
(2) has articles that list citations and reference,
(3) has few news stories but gives detailed information for each.

Incorporate Real-World Elements
Real-World Feel connotes the mandatory presence of the following desirable elements:
(1) quick response to customer service questions,
(2) lists the organization’s physical ufabet มือถือ address,
(3) gives contact phone number,
(4) gives contact email address,
(5) shows photos of the organization’s members.

Incorporate Ease of Use Elements
Ease of Use is the mandatory presence of the following desirable elements:
(1) lets user search past contents (archives),
(2) looks professionally designed,
(3) arranged in a way that easily makes sense,
(4) takes a short time to download,
(5) easy to navigate.

Personalize the User Experience
Personalization is the mandatory presence of the following desirable elements:
(1) sends emails confirming transactions you make,
(2) news stories according to your preference,
(3) recognizes that you have been there before,
(4) requires you to register or login.

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