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Cosmetics are comprised of a combination of different chemical substances derived from either naturally occurring substances or chemically synthesized ones. The term itself is vague and can encompass any number of cosmetic products. Cosmetics have been around since the ancient times. The Egyptians developed mummification processes using the bodies of dead Egyptians as the containers for cosmetic ingredients.

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Preservatives are added to cosmetics to preserve them for long shelf-life. Most common preservatives include bromine, which is added to perfumes to preserve their scent; thimerosal, used to prevent bacterial growth in cosmetics; and ethylene oxide, added to many skincare and cosmetic products to preserve their color. Cosmetic companies claim that parabens are present in small quantities in all natural cosmetics. However, scientific research has demonstrated that parabens can create tissue damage, particularly in cancer patients

Cosmetic manufacturers do use chemicals to help increase the stability of ingredients. Unfortunately, these chemicals can be toxic if improperly added, and many cosmetics have an appreciable amount of synthetic ingredients. Many companies use toxic chemical compounds such as triclosan, benzene, and Methylparaben in their products. Some of these chemicals can be listed as carcinogens by the Environmental Protection Agency. Cosmetics that contain these types of chemicals should be avoided.

A company’s decision to add dyes, fragrance, and talc to its products may also cause a problem with your cosmetics. Dyes are color additives, which alter the natural color of ingredients so that they appear more appealing to the eye. Fragrance is added to give cosmetic products a pleasant smell. Talc can be added to absorb moisture from the skin. Some cosmetic products, such as moisturizers and creams, are combined with silicone to form a smooth, velvety finish.

Some manufacturers add a sunscreen or wrinkle filler to their cosmetics, but this ingredient is unnecessary. Oxygen, one of the most common sunscreen ingredients, actually causes the sun to damage your skin. The sun’s UV rays cause us to age by decreasing the production of collagen and the formation of new elastic fibers, both of which deteriorate with age. In addition to causing the deterioration of our appearance, cosmetics containing oxybenzone and benzophenone are linked to an increased risk of cancer.

If you would like to avoid exposure to chemicals and other contaminants, your best choice for cosmetics would be to choose skincare products that contain plant-based ingredients that are proven to improve skin health. Ingredients such as CynergyTK and wakame are effective antioxidants, increasing skin cell health and collagen and elastin production. These compounds have been shown to thicken and brighten the appearance of the skin, eliminating wrinkles and improving elasticity.

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