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There is nothing worse than finishing a book proposal and having a terrific idea to sell and not having any clue about how to get it into the marketplace. The life of a writer is filled with many frustrations and hurdles, but don’t let this common problem slow you down. With the secrets outlined in this article you’ll be one step ahead of the game and you’ll also be inspired as well.


The last thing you need is a book proposal that languishes on the shelf or on your hard drive with no one looking at it and getting excited about your brilliant book idea. If you’re like most writers — and I’m talking about beginning and experienced writers — then you’ll want to have a literary agent on your side, giving you advice, looking your book proposals over, and sending those book proposals out to interested editors.

Some writers represent themselves, but in my opinion 99 percent of writers would be better served by using a professional literary agent.

“But how can I trust an agent?” a famous and best-selling author asked me only last week. His books were very popular in the 1980’s but he sold them all himself. I told him that for his next project he would be well-advised to use a literary agent. I explained that most agents are reputable and they will not steal your ideas, your writing, or your money. Start trusting agents and you’ll be better off. Agents get so many bad ideas it would be a waste of time for them to try to steal them anyway. They’d never make any money that way. They make money by doing a good job for their clients.

This isn’t to say you needn’t be careful. Avoid fee-charging agents, and you’ll be doing yourself a favor. That’s really the only major thing you have to keep in mind.


The best time to look for a literary agent is when you’re writing your book proposal. Doing so will inspire you because it will show you just how many literary agents there are who are looking for work just like yours. Many agents advertise their specialties, and you’re sure to find a good number who represent work in your genre.

Another reason to look for a literary agent when working on the book proposal is that just reading over their requirements will give you ideas for how to edit your proposal. Some agents, for example, advise their clients to follow a certain format, or they want you agen bola resmi to call the introduction the “overview” or the comparable books section the “competing books” section. Other agents have other requirements, which are often spelled out on their Web sites.

A final reason to start your search early is that when you finish your proposal you can immediately send out your query letters to the list of literary agents you have selected. In this way you save time and energy and you’re likely to get more positive responses from your list of agents, leading to the likelihood of a sale.

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