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Backlinks are links created in other websites that lead to our website. They serve as traffic generators to our website. If another website creates a link to our site, it means that other website found something interesting in our website that could be of good quality and relevance. Traffic, visitors and readership are what backlinks deliver to our websites. Knowing this is part of the reward that we get from efforts made on the websites. Another way to look at backlinks is the link we make to another website that would have relevance to that of ours. We call this a link on our website and it is a backlink to the others.

Secrets of Getting Amazing Dofollow Backlinks for Your Blog - Teaching and  Learning Blog

How else would backlinks benefit websites? If the objective of our website is also to earn aside from providing information, the backlinks will help a lot in earning based on traffic what are backlinks and how do i get them. Page rank is a factor in providing traffic to our websites. Websites that have high page ranks means that they may have good quality content which therefore brings traffic. Good traffic to their websites will mean that there is a chance that their site, which has a backlink to our website, will have the same opportunity for that traffic. The traffic could go to our website especially if the backlink is for the purpose of further reference, additional information or maybe clarification. That is the benefit we get from high page ranking websites where we have backlinks.

Where will we find the backlinks? Good question! We will not know it by ourselves because chances are we don’t even know what websites has backlinks to ours. There are several websites for backlink checking. It is simple and quick and most important of all, it’s free. Just type in your URL, click on search and in matter of seconds the list of websites that has your backlink will come up. The nice thing there is that even the page rank of those websites will show. One trick is to use these same tools to check the backlinks of your competitors and then try to get the same backlinks as them. This way, you are reverse engineering their strategy and coming up with a better one. It is gratifying to see if there are many backlinks but could be down heartening if you find out that your page has no page ranking or their ranking is zero. For ranking purposes, zero or no page rank hardly contributes to better rankings.

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