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Creating harmony in the midst of heavy foot or vehicle traffic is quite tough, especially if you own a commercial building. This is often a problem in shopping malls, restaurants, or other crowded places, which is why certain regulations are necessary for a more organised operation. But aside from these rules, it is also important that you give people some visual signs of what these rules are, in the form of stainless steel bollards so people will be made aware that there are rules to be followed. driveway security bollards fitted

Bollards in Public Places

Bollards are commonly found in public places, and you can find parking bollards in streets with heavy traffic or in front of buildings that need protection from vehicles. Some are even used as an alternative to cycle racks. Others would even allow these bikes to be locked for security purposes.

When bollards are installed, it is mainly to reinforce security and safety. They are visual indicators that no unauthorised person is allowed to enter an area, which is often signified by adding a chain connecting the bollards. This means that people are not allowed to enter the area that is cordoned with bollards.

Materials Used to Make Bollards

There are various materials used to make bollards. It can be stone, concrete or steel. Concrete bollards are permanently installed while steel bollards are available with extra features, such as being sound sensitive or automated. Fixed bollards have light reflectors to let people know where they are located, especially the drivers. Without the reflectors, they might easily cause accidents to happen in the streets.

Lack of secure bike racks or other bike parking options at desirable destinations is the prime reason people don’t ride their bicycles more, according to “Bicycle Parking Guidelines, 2nd Edition (2010)” from the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals. Consumers voiced this same top drawback in studies for the first edition in 2002. Along with that, bike riders say they need bike parking at desirable destinations, including work, shopping and leisure.

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